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An impressive standard work. The comprehensive overview from the beginnings to contemporary typewriter art. The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry is considered the largest archive of its kind in the world and includes works from a wide variety of art movements, styles and genres. In this volume, the passionate collectors Marvin and Ruth Sackner present almost 600 examples of outstanding representatives of a special art: Typewriter Art. From the beginnings of decorative typewriter art to Dadaist sound poems and concrete poems from the 1960s to contemporary works that emphasize the uniqueness of the typed sheet of paper in the digital age - a completely individual, surprising creativity is inherent in all works. The international collection of concrete and visual poetry fascinates with its variety and high quality. A richly illustrated, bibliophile-designed magnificent volume that gives the "tool" typewriter unimagined splendor. Editors Marvin and Ruth Sackner are considered the experts in the art of typewriting. In their archive, founded in 1979, they keep tens of thousands of works on the subject of Concrete and Visual Poetry. By the way, each book is unique because it has an individual cover design.
  • Ruth und Martin Sackner
  • Schreibmaschinenkunst
  • Sieveking Verlag, München 2015.
  • 9783944874258
  • 1216117868
  • Paperback . Dimensions 25 x 31,5 cm . 352 pages . German